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Buy Our Wine Online

OakGlenn Winery has partnered with VinoShipper and now you can buy our wines online!

Now you might be asking yourself why would we do something like that when implementing a direct e-commerce solution is rather easy to do. Well, the short answer is compliance with a whole host of regulations. VinoShipper handles all our orders and verifies that we aren’t in conflict with any laws of the land. Once that process is complete they let us know that we can ship your order without worry. The result is in a few days after ordering your wine will arrive at your doorstep ready for you to enjoy.

Our wines are listed below and all you do is pick what you would like and the quantity. Once you’ve done that hit add to cart. From there you will be taken to VinoShipper’s website where you can either shop for more of our wines or checkout. It’s that simple.


Dry Whites

Pinot Grigio- $25.00

Spicy and full-bodied notes of ripe tropical fruit.

Chardonnay- $23.00

Dry white with apple, pear, and citrus notes. Pairs well with poultry, seafood, and pork.

Silver Moon- $25.50

Dry, crisp, and clean. Seyval based.

Dry Red

Merlot- $25.00

Lightly oaked. Dry red with ripe plum notes.

Cabernet Sauvignon- $28.50

Dry red with aromas of plum and currants. Velvety with hints of oak.

Norton 2016- $29.00

Full bodied, estate grown.


Trolley White- $22.00

Dry white with citrus notes. Pairs well with pasta and pizza.

Blush- $21.00

Semi dry. On the order of White Zinfandel.

Blackberry- $21.00

All the sweetness and flavor of fresh blackberries.

Semi-Sweet to Sweet

River View Red- $15.00

Bold semi sweet with distinct blackberry and cinnamon characteristics.

Ives- 25.50

Sweet cotton candy aroma, however, spicy sweet in taste.

White Muscadine- $21.00

Light, fragrant, and fruity. Sweet at the beginning with a nutty smoky finish.

Red Muscadine -$21.00

Tropical fruit flavors of mango and melon. From Red Muscadine grapes.

Trolley Red- $21.50

Sweet red. Flavorful with grape notes.

Sweet Norton 2018-$26.00

All the heartiness of a Norton, just a sweeter version.

Niagara- $21.00

Sweet white with apricot notes.


Brut- $23.50

Champagne- Dry, crisp,sparkling on the pallet.

Spumante- $23.50

Champagne- Sweet from Moscato grapes.

Temptation- $23.00

Sweet, sparkling with distinct grape flavors.

Strawberry- $21.00

Bubbly and light with strawberry flavors.

Moscato- $25.50

Effervescent with creamy apple and honeydew flavors.

Sweet Caroline- $23.50

Sparkling with fruitful flavors.


Delaware- $20.00

Semi sweet dessert wine. Similar to a White Port.

White Port- $24.00

Oak barrel aged from late harvest Chardonel grapes. Characteristics of honey and orange liquor. 18% alcohol.

Red Port- $20.00

Aged in oak barrels. Norton Grapes. 20% alcohol.