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Just a few of the common questions asked up on the bluff and our “official” answers to these frequently asked questions.

We can’t seem to find you on our GPS!

We’ve heard this from more than few of our guests. Instead of typing in Oakglenn use Oak Glenn (space between Oak and Glenn) instead. This seems to solve the problem in the vast majority of cases. We believe over time the GPS manufacturers will correct the error in future firmware updates.

What are the rules at OakGlenn Winery?

I know, really? Rules? We do have a few. Plain and simply they revolve around principles of respect and common courtesy. First off, as a guest of the winery, we do expect you to abide by the laws of the land. Secondly we do expect you to be courteous and respectful of the staff, your fellow guests and the premises while you’re visiting us. The third rule goes right along with rule 2. All alcoholic beverages that are consumed at OakGlenn must be purchased at OakGlenn. I mean come on, do you really think you can bring your own into the gin mill down the street from you and get away with it? Hell no. We understand that some of you have visited other places around town and you’re lugging it all with you. Rest assured, we have no problem with that. The trouble starts if you crack it. Make no mistake about this. Both Glenn and Carol are very proactive about this policy and they enforce it. Get caught and you’re dumping the open container(s). Argue about it and you’ll be asked to leave immediately.

One thing that needs to be made perfectly clear is OakGenn Winery consists of both public and private areas. The public portion consists of the parking lots, the Hussman Pavilion, the stage and seating areas and the green areas surrounding it. Unless otherwise specifically authorized by Glenn or Carol do not, under any circumstances, hop the fence and wander around by the house. If you do so at the very minimum you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Another area that is not open to the public is the vineyard itself. On occasion we are asked by a guy if it’s OK to propose to his gal in the vineyard. We will generally allow this. The people to talk to would be Glenn, Carol or me, Karl.  I’m the head of security at the winery and can authorize this if you can’t find Glenn or Carol.

Other than that just have fun and remember what happens at OakGlenn stays at OakGlenn. Well at least most of the time. LOL!

CCW, how do you feel about that?

This one is really easy. We all love our guns and are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. Many of us have our CCW permits and one of us is even a CCW instructor. We highly encourage and welcome anyone who has a valid CCW permit to feel free to exercise their right to carry on the premises. Keep in mind while you do so that you are expected to live up to the highest standards of this privilege and follow all the applicable laws to the letter.

Why do you charge for wine tasting?

Hmmmmm, look around you. Really really look around you and start adding up how much money it took to get, build or make everything you see. Getting expensive isn’t it? As much as we would like to miraculously turn water into wine we simply can’t. Each bottle of wine, the staff, cups and glasses and everything else all have a cost. Like any business we need to cover these costs and show a profit. After all, we are a business and like any other business if the bottom line doesn’t add up then it’s bye bye business and the doors get shut permanently. We don’t want that to happen now do we? Where else are you going to hang out in the Summer under the stars listening to great bands around town?

Why do you have an entertainment cover charge?

Well, I like rhetorical questions. Why does the gin mill down the street from you have one? The answer is really easy. Some of these bands we bring in costs us a lot of money. So if you really like them the 5 bucks we charge per person is really cheap when it comes down to it. I mean you could always hire the band to play at your place while you BBQ up some ribs or something. Right?