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Live Entertainment Schedule

Live Music Events at OakGlenn

Below you’ll find the schedule of all the live entertainment that’ll be playing at OakGlenn Winery. Hover over any of the highlighted dates for more information on specific events.

Use the arrows in the the calendar to scroll to different months.

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  1. Carl and Kathy Treaster - Reply

    We love Herman but we just got this information today.
    Please! You need to investigate why this information is outdated before prospective tourists get it. Otherwise this site may as well be treated as spam.

  2. A group of 22 is coming on May 2nd for my 30th birthday we plan on hitting up Oak Glen for the live entertainment. Do you still serve alcohol after 6? We noticed last year most everyone shut down at 6 and we were told is was due to liquor license.

    • Hi Stefini C. The Crossfire band is starting at 6pm on May 2nd. Bring your party!!!! We will bring the dancing music for it.
      They serve as long as the music is playing, we play till 10pm.

  3. I am thinking of coming down Saturday, April 18th for our Ann. I see Sarah Marie Duo is playing, can you tell me what kind of music she plays?

  4. When i visited there in November i had the chance to see Scottie Kemp play. It was a great time. My husband and i really enjoyed the entertainment!

    • Don’t forget to introduce yourself when you make your way out Christy. It’ll be hard to miss me. Just look for the guy with the camera running around all over the palce. LOL!

  5. We were there for the entertainment. We enjoyed it tremendously. I am sure you all remember us-we kind of took over the show at the end!! We had a blast and are planning a trip back already.

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